FREEDOM ON MY MIND Cinema's Legacy Women and the Vote


Following the film, watch a recorded discussion with directors Connie Field and Marilyn Mulford.

This Academy Award®-nominated account of the Mississippi Voter Registration Project produced and directed by Connie Field and Marilyn Mulford combines extraordinary archival footage and in-depth interviews with traditional folk songs in a powerful tribute to the black activists and white allies who, from 1961 to 1964, descended upon the South determined to register black voters. After Herbert Lee, a local man who had been escorting voting rights organizer Bob Moses around Amite County, was shot and killed by a Mississippi state representative, the organizers were forced to acknowledge that this was a journey from which they may never return. Firm in their commitment to democracy, even under the threat of violence, they built powerful coalitions and their campaign, which culminated in the 1964 Freedom Summer and 1965 Voting Rights Act, was a triumph of political organization. The lesson learned – that freedom is a constant struggle – is one that still reverberates today.
–Malin Kan

Emmy®-winning and Academy Award®-nominated director Connie Field’s films – AL HELM, HAVE YOU HEARD FROM JOHANNESBURG, FREEDOM ON MY MIND, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ROSIE THE RIVETER and ¡SALUD! – have been shown all over the world, earning numerous awards, including the Sundance Grand Jury Prize, IDA Best Series and IDA Best Feature Documentary.

Academy Award®-nominated director Marilyn Mulford’s films include: ARCHEOLOGY OF MEMORY: VILLA GRIMALDI (Audience Award, Best Music Film), FREEDOM ON MY MIND (Academy Award® nominee) and Chicano Park.

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Country: USA

Year: 1994

Directors: Connie Field, Marilyn Mulford

Screenwriter: Michael Chandler

Producers: Connie Field, Marilyn Mulford

Executive Producer: Connie Field

Director of Photography: Vicente Franco

Editors: Michael Chandler, Joe Francisco

Featuring: Endesha Ida Mae Holland, Cleve Sellars, Curtis Hayes, Victoria Gray, LC Dorsey, Bob Moses, Marshal Gantz, Heather Booth, Pam Allen, Len Edwards

Running Time (minutes): 105 MIN

Language: English