Due to circumstances beyond our control, the screening of SAUDI RUNAWAY at the 2020 AFI DOCS Film Festival has been cancelled.

Muna, a young woman living under the oppressive state of Saudi Arabia, prepares for her imminent arranged marriage…and her risky escape to Europe. Using cell phones to secretly document her life, Muna exposes the strict patriarchy affecting her family and controlling her free will. Her only chance to flee is during her honeymoon. Muna is fearless, but will she succeed with her plan?

SAUDI RUNAWAY shares an intimate and thrilling story of human rights and the voice of those silenced by their government. Filmmaker Susanne Regina Meures collaborates with Muna, constructing the secret footage into a raw and insightful profile of a culture caught between tradition and modernity and a young woman willing to risk everything for a better life.

–Sarah Harris

Susanne Regina Meures is a Swiss-German filmmaker who gained attention with her debut film, RAVING IRAN, which premiered in 2016. The film has been shown at over 130 film festivals worldwide, won numerous awards and went on to be a success in cinemas. SAUDI RUNAWAY is her second feature-length documentary.


Country: Switzerland

Year: 2020

Director: Susanne Regina Meures

Screenwriter: Susanne Regina Meures

Producer: Christian Frei

Executive Producers: Philip Delaquis, Matthias Erny

Director of Photography: Muna

Editor: Christian Frei

Music: Max Richter, Karim Sebastian Elias

Featuring: Muna

Running Time (minutes): 88 MIN

Languges: Arabic, English