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Following the film, watch a recorded discussion with director Thomas Balmès.

Returning ten years later to the remote mountainside village where he once encountered precocious but dedicated eight-year-old Tibetan monk Peyangki, documentarian Thomas Balmès (BABIES, HAPPINESS) discovers that much has changed. The roads leading into Laya are now paved and, beyond the television Peyangki once longed for, the young monks now scroll mindlessly through their phones while chanting their prayers. Now 18 years old, our subject texts his girlfriend, a bar singer who lives in the city, his devotion to her having supplanted that of his religious studies. Balmès’ beautiful observational portrait is a remarkable opportunity to explore both the positive and negative repercussions that modernization and technological access has on a community.
–Malin Kan

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Thomas Balmès is an independent director and producer of nonfiction films. His credits include DAMAGES, A.K.A HOW MUCH IS YOUR LIFE WORTH?; BABIES; THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO THE PAPUANS (winner, Silver Spire Award, 2000 San Francisco Film Festival); and HAPPINESS (winner, Documentary World Cinema Cinematography Award, 2014 Sundance Film Festival).

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Countries: France, Germany, Switzerland

Year: 2019

Director: Thomas Balmès

Producer: Thomas Balmès

Executive Producers: Jeff Skoll, Diane Weyermann

Director of Photography: Thomas Balmès

Editors: Alex Cardon, Ronan Sinquin

Music: Nicolas Rabaeus

Running Time (minutes): 99 MIN

Languges: Dzongkha, Layap