Fifty years ago, the entire village of Old Massett gathered to celebrate the raising of a totem pole that signaled the rebirth of the Haida spirit.

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Christopher Auchter grew up roaming the beaches and forests of the Haida Gwaii archipelago off Canada’s West Coast, and his art is rooted in the land and stories of the Haida people. His art practice is fueled by his close connection to the natural environment, his adventures in forestry and commercial fishing and the colorful people with whom he has lived and worked. He began using images to capture his feelings and impressions early on in his life, and today his filmmaking serves the same function.

Auchter studied media arts at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver and graduated with honors in computer animation from Sheridan College in Ontario. His goal is to create films that are as engaging and entertaining as the many people and environments that have inspired him and to help facilitate genuine contact between the Haida people and the global community.

Auchter’s directing debut was the multiple award-winning animated short THE MOUNTAIN OF SGAANA. His previous projects include Daniel Janke’s HOW PEOPLE GOT FIRE and Electronic Arts’ NHL Games and Nintendo’s “Punch Out!”, and he is a regular contributor to Loretta Todd’s TV series for children, such as COYOTE SCIENCE and TANSI! NEHIYAWETAN. He has illustrated three children’s books, including Jordan Wheeler’s “Just a Walk,” a comic book by Richard Van Camp called “Kiss Me Deadly” and a graphic novel by W.L. Liberman entitled “The Ruptured Sky: The War of 1812.”

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National Film Board Of Canada
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Country: Canada

Year: 2019

Director: Christopher Auchter

Screenwriter: Christopher Auchter

Producer: Selwyn Jacob

Executive Producer: Shirley Vercruysse

Director of Photography: Asia Youngman

Editor: Sarah Hedar

Music: Genevieve Vincent

Featuring: Robert Davidson, Reg Davidson, Barbara Wilson

Running Time (minutes): 16 MIN

Languges: English, Haida