PRAY AWAY Feature Films


Following the screening, watch a special conversation with director Kristine Stolakis, producers Jessica Devaney and Anya Rous and subjects Julie Rodgers and Randy Thomas moderated by The Washington Post Religion Reporter Michelle Boorstein.

An interviewer leans forward and asks, “Yvette, would you just talk from your heart to those who are trapped in the lifestyle?” Looking into the camera, Yvette Cantu Schneider describes her three-year “struggle to overcome” same-sex attractions. It’s a chilling moment, complicated by the fact that Schneider, who worked for years promoting the now thoroughly discredited practice of gay conversion therapy, has come full circle in her personal journey. When she looks at the tape of that interview now, she expresses deep regret for her role in this movement.

Former leaders of the “pray away the gay” movement contend with the aftermath unleashed by their actions, while a survivor seeks healing and acceptance from more than a decade of trauma.

Continue the conversation on DOCS Connect, with filmmaker in attendance to respond to your questions, here.

Shaped by her background in anthropology, journalism and art, director Kristine Stolakis focuses on stories that wrestle with politics, prejudice and power. Her previous films include THE TYPIST, about a closeted Korean War veteran, and WHERE WE STAND, which follows Mormon women fighting for rights within the church.

Jasmine Abghari
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Country: USA

Year: 2020

Director: Kristine Stolakis

Producers: Jessica Devaney, Anya Rous, Kristine Stolakis

Executive Producers: Ryan Murphy, Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold, Marci Wiseman, Mary Lisio, Amanda Spain, Daniel J. Chalfen, Jim Butterworth, Katy Drake Bettner, Johnny Symons, Julie Parker Benello, Patty Quillin, Nion McEvoy, Leslie Berriman, Regina K. Scully, Alexis Martin Woodall

Director of Photography: Melissa Langer

Editor: Carla Gutierrez

Music: Laura Karpman, Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum

Running Time (minutes): 101

Language: English

Accessibility: Closed Captions Available. Audio Description Available.