Virtual World Premiere

Following the film, watch a recorded discussion led by CNN Anchor Juan Carlos Arciniegas with director Miles Hargrove and producer Eric F. Martin.

So, your dad has been kidnapped by a rebel group and you are forced to negotiate for his release… what do you do? Well, if you’re Miles Hargrove, you make a video diary. Twenty-five years later, with the gift of hindsight, he returned to these diaries to tell this incredible story. In 1994, the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) kidnapped journalist Tom Hargrove from the family home in Cali, Colombia, leaving his wife and two sons to pay the ransom. With the help of their friends, including a hostage negotiator, FBI agent and their 18-year-old neighbor, the group navigated conditions for his expected release. Their story, impeccably captured by a then state-of-the-art Video8 camcorder, shows a family in crisis, yearning for normalcy and finding moments of hope and kindness amidst the horror.
–Eric Moore

Miles Hargrove worked as a behind-the-scenes documentarian on PROOF OF LIFE, HARRY POTTER and FAST & FURIOUS. His feature work includes co-directing and editing THE STARCK CLUB and editing TOREY’S DISTRACTION. Since 2017, he has worked as DP for the Emmy®-nominated 6DOF, live-streaming VR for events like Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Eric F. Martin
Francis Allen Pictures


Country: USA

Year: 2020

Directors: Miles Hargrove, (Co-director: Christopher Birge)

Screenwriters: Miles Hargrove, Christopher Birge, Eric F. Martin

Producers: Miles Hargrove, Christopher Birge, Eric F. Martin

Executive Producers: Emily Hargrove, Kareem Rahma, Alexandra Serio, Kathryn Everett, Bryn Mooser, Justin Lacob, David Holbrooke

Director of Photography: Miles Hargrove

Editor: Miles Hargrove

Music: Jimmy Stofer

Featuring: Robert Clerx, Linda Ercole-Musso, Claudia Greiner, Dina Greiner, Peter Greiner, Uli Greiner, Geddie Hargrove, Miles Hargrove, Raford Hargrove, Susan Hargrove, Tom Hargrove, David Little, David Parkinson, Oscar Tejeda

Running Time (minutes): 104 MIN

Languges: English, German, Spanish