LUCHADORAS Feature Films In Person at AFI Silver


Following the screening, watch a special conversation with directors Paola Calvo and Patrick Jasim moderated by AFI Festivals Programmer Malin Kan.

In the border city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where violence against women has reached near epidemic proportions, three masked female Mexican wrestlers, or Luchadoras, are training for their next match. Outside the ring, the battles continue, as they confront personal crises, address issues in the community and work to achieve their goals. For Mini Serinita, success could mean an end to factory labor. For Lady Candy, it could help her obtain a visa to the U.S. to find her daughters who were kidnapped by her husband and taken across the border. Baby Star, a single mother who has already tasted success, could make a dramatic comeback. Together, their strength, resilience and effervescent charm cuts deftly through a looming sense of fear. –Malin Kan

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VIOLENTLY HAPPY, Paola Calvo’s graduation film at Berlin Film School DFFB, was shown in German cinemas for three months in 2017. She received the National Prize for Cinematography at IFFF 2017 and was nominated for the Michael Ballhaus Best Cinematography Award. LUCHADORAS is her first feature film as a director.

Anja Dziersk
Rise and Shine World Sales


Countries: Germany, Mexico

Year: 2021

Directors: Paola Calvo, Patrick Jasim

Screenwriters: Paola Calvo, Patrick Jasim

Producer: Phillip Kaminiak

Executive Producer: Daniela Alatorre

Director of Photography: Patrick Jasim

Editor: Gines Olivares

Music: Lonski & Classen

Featuring: Lady Candy, Mini Sirenita, Baby Star

Running Time (minutes): 90

Languges: Spanish, Subtitled