FATHOM Feature Films In Person at AFI Silver


Following the screening, watch a special conversation with director Drew Xanthopoulos, producer Megan Gilbride and subjects Dr. Ellen Garland and Dr. Michelle Fournet moderated by Professor at Georgetown University Dr. Janet Mann.

Have you ever wanted to introduce yourself to a whale? FATHOM follows women in the field of cetacean research trying to do just that. The teams of scientists study humpbacks from around the world, learning about whale culture and reflexively about our own. During their studies, the researchers face many challenges such as failing technologies, changing methodologies, uncooperative weather and the occasional toll of seclusion. While playing a game of acoustic hide and seek, we dive deep into the world of these baleen behemoths and let their songs wash over us in waves of fascination and wonder. Enhancing our journey is the gorgeous cinematography and enveloping sound design. Drew Xanthopoulos’s film is an enthralling exploration of these emotional, intelligent and mysterious creatures. –Eric Moore

Drew Xanthopoulos is an award-winning director and cinematographer whose previous feature documentary, THE SENSITIVES, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and won a Special Jury Mention for the Cinematic Vision Award at the Camden International Film Festival. FATHOM is his second documentary feature film.

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In Person at the AFI Silver
June 23, 2021 5:15 p.m. EDT



Country: USA

Year: 2021

Director: Drew Xanthopoulos

Producer: Megan Gilbride

Executive Producers: Andrea Meditch, Greg Boustead, Jessica Harrop, Josh Braun

Director of Photography: Drew Xanthopoulos

Editor: Robin Schwartz

Music: Hanan Townshend

Featuring: Dr. Michelle Fournet, Dr. Ellen Garland, Dr. Leanna Matthews, Maggie Knight Natalie Mastick Jensen, Matt Lilley, Alex South, Richmond Frank

Running Time (minutes): 87

Languges: English, Subtitled

Accessibility: Closed Captions Available